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  • My Green BioBox

    179 AED every 2 weeks

    100% Certified organic


    luscious meat substitutes

    Versatile selection

    Free Delivery in Dubai

    Take Meatless Mondays to the next level with what's in this box. Eggplant burgers, artichoke sausages, raw vegan pizza with spinach pesto - the options are endless!

    Product Origin : 100% Organic from Europe & GCC

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    Avocado Hass (Mexico)  ●   Baby Potatos (France)  ●   Broccoli (Spain)  ●   Capsicum (France)  ●   Carottes (Netherland)  ●   Coriander (Local)  ●   Cumcumber (France)  ●   Garlic (Italy)  ●   Leeks (Netherland)  ●   Lemon (Italy)  ●   Mushroom white (Netherland)  ●   Shallots (Netherland)
  • My Mix BioBox

    189 AED every 2 weeks

    100% Certified organic

    Versatile selection

    Fruits and veggies

    Includes two herbs

    Free Delivery in Dubai

    Throw together a well-balanced vegetarian or vegan meal with this box.

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    Bananas (Rep. Domnicana)  ●   Blueberries (Mexico/Peru)  ●   Braeburn Apples (France)  ●   Broccoli (Spain)  ●   Carottes(  ●   Chives (Local)  ●   Cumcumber (France)  ●   Garlic (Italy)  ●   Kiwis (Italy)  ●   Leek(  ●   Mushroom white (Netherland)  ●   Potato (France)  ●   Shallots (Netherland)  ●   Spinach(  ●   Tomato Cherry (Netherland)  ●   White cabbage (Netherland)
  • My Vitamin BioBox

    139 AED every 2 weeks

    100% Certified Organic

    Loaded with citric acid

    Seasonal produce

    Fruit box

    Free Delivery in Dubai

    Send a surge of potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin B9 through your body with this citric box.

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    Bananas (Rep. Domnicana)  ●   Braeburn Apples (France)  ●   Kiwis (Italy)  ●   Mandarines (Spain)  ●   Mango (Spain)  ●   Orange Valencia (Spain)

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