Renilde Tropical Box

My Renilde Tropical BioBox

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Treat yourself and your body to nutrient-rich and flavor-filled tropical fruits that will excite your tastes buds.

•100% organic •Premium •Tropical

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Product Description

Inspired by our favorite customer, Renilde, who always asked for specific fruits in her box, the Renilde Tropical Box is made up of select exotic, immune-boosting and vitamin-rich fruits.
Perfect nutritious addition to your meals, smoothies or plain raw.

Box consist of:

  1. Apples Braeburn (France)
  2. Bananas (Rep Dominicana)
  3. Mandarines (Spain)
  4. Pears (Italy)
  5. Pineapple (Ivory Coast)
  6. Mango (Italy)
  7. Pomegrenate (Turkey)
  8. Blueberries (Mexico/Peru)
  9. Mangoosten (Thailand)

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