Mix Organic Box

My Mix BioBox

AED 189

An assortment of the best seasonal fruits and veggies brought to you from all over Europe, Latin America and the UAE.

•100% organic  •Premium  •Well-balanced •Fruits + Veggies

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Product Description

The perfect box for every day. Enjoy an incredible array of vitamin- and protein-rich essential fruits, veggies and eggs to fuel your body on a regular basis.

Produce is subject to seasonality. This week’s box consists of:

  1. Oranges Valencia (Spain)
  2. Kiwis (Italy)
  3. Apples Braeburn (France)
  4. Cumcumber (France)
  5. Broccolis (Spain)
  6. Tomato cherries (Spain)
  7. Fennel (Netherland)
  8. Tomato (Spain / Netherland)
  9. Potato (France)
  10. Cabbage white (Netherland)
  11. Carottes (Netherland)
  12. Shallots (Netherland)
  13. Brown Onion (Local)
  14. White Mushroom (Netherland)
  15. Garlic (Italy) Org. Coriander (Local)
  16. Artichoque (Spain)
  17. Avocado (Mexico)

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