A micro-guide to organic eating

As a term, "organic" gets tossed around like a frisbee in the culinary and fitness world. Organic eating isn't a new trend, people naturally ate like this before mass-produced food stepped into the picture. People would previously dine on a humble spread of fresh produce plucked directly out of their backyards or harvested at the local farm that very morning. When WW1 sent the globe quaking, scientists discovered a chemical that they later implemented into fertilizers. It was marketed to local farmers promising a significant increase in harvest. This was the start of industrial farming, a mainstream lifestyle that's taken decades to recover from.

Organic fruits and vegetables won't make you fly or cure you of a sickness overnight. You won't wake up looking like Popeye after chowing down on an organic dinner. But we can guarantee this - your body will thank you over time. The downside of city living is that supermarket produce comes from chemically-induced sources. It's not about customer health, it's all about financial profit.

Food4Life is the opposite of that. Making healthy eating a national priority is our company's priority. So join us in this movement towards cooking meals using real food.

Food4Life's vision for residents in the UAE

Did you know only one in three people in the UAE regularly incorporate fresh produce into their daily diet? The rest rely on high-calorie, low-nutrition food, making obesity a national epidemic.

Food4Life is glad to see government initiatives targeted at healthy living in the UAE. We're here to help people that are trying to improve their diet by catering uncompromisingly delicious organic produce from around the world. Food4Life aims to destroy the "healthy eating is boring" stereotype. Our box's content changes every week, keeping your meals versatile.