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- Meet Food4Life -

About Food4Life

Straight out of the land and into your hand, Food4Life ( Goldsfeir Food 4 Life LLC ) is an organic produce e-retailer that serves up freshness in a box. None of our products waste their life in storage, unlike the fruits and vegetables your local supermarket stocks. We’re big on flavor, which is why our produce travels from a network of 40 organic farms from Europe. Keeping our focus on quality, we source our produce from family bio farms across Europe and the Middle East.

This is how it works: You pick a box (each has a theme with varying contents) and it gets delivered to your doorstep either once a week or once every couple of weeks (you choose the frequency). Our produce is seasonal, so the contents don’t only vary at different times of the year, they also vary on a weekly basis to ensure your meals are pumped with maximum variety.

Your Food4Life box can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, with prices varying from a basic 139 dirhams each to a deluxe 399 dirhams each. We don’t draw the line at fruit and veggies, we also cater free-range eggs and award-winning drizzles like olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Our founder’s journey to organic living

His demanding job as a luxury retail sales manager meant Alex Sfeir, founder of Food4Life ( Goldsfeir Food 4 Life LLC ), was working hard at the office but not on his health. After being sick of constantly feeling sick, he decided to start his mornings off with fresh fruit. This caused a snowball effect, leading him to swap his lifestyle choices with organic alternatives. His energy shot through the roof and productivity was back on track by making a simple switch to organic fruit and veggies. He even replaced the donuts he’d bring in to the office with fresh produce. Now on a mission to make fresh fruit and vegetables a cornerstone of home-cooked meals in the UAE, he’s launched Food4Life ( Goldsfeir Food 4 Life LLC ).

Alex’s passion for organic eating was sparked in his childhood, watching the antics that would unfold in his kitchen as his parents challenged each other with extravagant meals. Cooking most days, he’s constantly inspired by a collection of healthy recipes he’s inherited from his family.

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